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LOSS Livecode Festival is a three day event with presentations, performances and commissions running in Sheffield, UK from 20th - 22nd July 2007. The festival is funded by Arts Council England, Yorkshire and The PRS Foundation, and organised by Access space, TOPLAP and Lurk.


Live coding is the modification of software while it is running by enacting sourcecode edits. This is analogous to working on a live electric circuit, or playing a live musical instrument - changes may be felt immediately. This allows code to be developed with immediate feedback, perfect for tasks without pre-defined goals such as improvising live music or video.

There is also a connection to usage of ‘live’ in performance arts - live coders may perform before audiences, projecting their screen so that the development of their code is visible. Live coding is not only concerned with performances however, indeed some live coders reject traditional modes of performance completely.

Live Coding began during the 1980s, primarily with FORTH and Lisp. In recent years new live coding environments and languages such as Chuck, Fluxus, Impromptu and SuperCollider 3 have appeared, with enthusiastic communities growing around them. Live Coding performances have also used PureData, Scheme, Perl, Haskell, Ruby, Python…

For more about live coding visit TOPLAP, an informal community of live coders formed in 2004.


Based in Sheffield, Access Space is the UK’s first “Free Media Lab” - a community space equipped with locally recycled computers running free, open source software. It provides a framework, resources and support for self-directed learning, arts and creativity. Taking part is totally free, and anyone can walk in and contribute:


Comment from Simon Jones
Time: July 22, 2007, 1:58 am

Hey, great festival!

It’s really inspiring to see what’s going on at the cutting-edge of live programming: from IXI, through Impromptu, to Al-Jazari. Amazing!

Let me know if there’s anything else going on up your way.



PS I was too late for the streaming of the concert on Saturday night. Are there any plans to upload sound files from the gig?