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ChucK is a livecoding language for audio and music, with some crazy visualisation built in to the editor. Like almost all the software listed here, it’s free software, with a vibrant development community behind it. Screencast from lead developer Ge Wang is below.

Sadly Ge Wang can’t make it to the festival, but ChucK […]


Impromptu, like fluxus, is a livecoding environment based around the Scheme programming language, and can be used to livecode both music and video. The performances pulled off by aa-cell (featuring the author, Andrew Sorenson and Andrew Brown) are taking livecoding somewhere else. Andrew Sorenson will be flying from Australia to join us at […]

Fluxus and Al-Jazari

Fluxus is a “game engine” for live coding audio and video in the scheme programming language. It can be used for VJing and audio/visual performances, where the code floats above the video output it is enacting.
Al-Jazari is a live coding environment written within Fluxus - live coding within live coding. You give robots
instructions […]


Supercollider 3 is a language and synthesis system that is both free and beautiful. The language is object oriented, based on smalltalk with a C syntax. The supercollider synthesis server runs separately, and indeed can be controlled by other languages such as haskell and scheme. It runs on Mac OS […]